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Wednesday 9th May 2018

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New, improved Plasma Pen
For eyelid lifting, crow’s feet, mouth area, jowls, neck lift.

Plasma Pen skin tightening treatment

Introducing the second- generation Plasma Pen, for amazing skin lifting and tightening.
New and Improved,  excellent results with less trauma to the skin, dots are smaller and skin heals much faster than Fibroblast. As well as lifting and tightening, Plasma Pen can improve the appearance of broken veins, scar tissue and sun spots.
Provides a non-invasive alternative to traditional, surgical skin-tightening procedures, giving minimal disruption to the client with incredible results.

Advantages of the revolutionary lifting effect:
In contrast to a conventional surgery, cannot be "overlifted", because only the natural skin excess is reduced. The 1:1 result is visible directly during the treatment.

Functional principle
The PlasmaPen produces at its tip a tiny, so-called plasmatic flash. This flash leaps over from the tip to the skin and lets it evaporate superficially there in a tiny, micromillimetre-sized point. This superficial point minimizes the skin in its immediate vicinity. Further points are placed and generate a reduction grid. By the way of their arrangement, these points can equalize skin excesses.
Result: the skin area is markedly tightened.

Normal prices are:
Top lip £200, eyelids £400, nose and mouth area £450, mid neck area £500. Treatments can be customised and priced depending on area of concern.

Current Offer:
£50 off each treatment

Skin tightening around eyes with PlasmaPen at La Ruelle
Before treatment; immediately after treatment; & healed

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Plasma Pen


skin-tightening around eyes with PlasmaPen at La Ruelle, Stranraer
Skin tightening around eyes


Skin tightening around mouth with PlasmaPen
treatment around mouth area

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